Don’t be fatalistic about poker

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A fatalistic player will always find it much easier to mope around and wallow in self-pity than to be happy. When it comes to playing Poker this is a fact that becomes startlingly apparent. Fatalistic Poker players will always complain about the bad hands they are been dealt, and never about the good in the game.

Following a Poker player with a fatalistic attitude will get you absolutely nowhere, even on the Betfair Poker Site.

These types of players always seem to be in total despair, and can quite easily drag you down with them. The fatalist is not even aware that he is contributing woefully to his own demise and instead just keeps blaming it all on bad luck. If you have ever played Free Poker Online, you will have come across a few of these fatalistic players.

The problem with this behaviour is that it influences the way a player thinks, and if you keep telling yourself that you are going to lose, your analytical mind shuts down and you start making the wrong decisions.

If you are one of these fatalist Poker players, and disaster starts to unfold, move away from the table for a while and gather your thoughts, so that you can come back and play with a positive attitude.