The Guide to Online Poker Rooms

Poker History

From as far back as the early 1800's, poker has evolved into the many variations that are known today. Its origins is not precisely known, with some speculating that it came from a Persian game called As Nas, some say from a french game Brelan or from a Renaissance game called Primero. Or maybe even from an english game called Brag.

It may even have been that it came from all of them combined! Wherever it came from, the online casino industry has taken to poker in a BIG way!

Fafi - also known as Fafi dream numbers - is a very popular "lotto-style" draw game that has been played in the back streets for ages and is now also available at online casinos!

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Poker Today

Nowadays poker is available in many forms - some even offered as free casino games - from friends playing in their lounge to the online poker room that is becoming so popular. There are even Live Poker Games offered by many online poker rooms and even many a casino us. Have a read through our Live Poker Games To Play article for more information. Poker even has many online forms, ranging from various video poker incarnations to poker tournaments. From draw poker to stud poker, the main idea behind all of the variations is the same...

Just check out prive city and all the casinos they list, and the variety of poker games they offer, all the slots and bonuses, promotions and so much more that is available.

Get the best possible poker hand and beat your opponent! Poker has even been the cause of some sayings like "Have an ace up your sleeve" or "When the chips are down".

Online (and at the best aussie casinos) you can find various great tips and advice for the various online casino games and online casinos. Just have a look at our great articles relating to poker and online video poker.

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Blackjack is also an easy game to get the hang of. Blackjack Rules are probably some of the easiest to understand! Especially when our playing at one of the top 10 online casinos!

If you are looking for something more laid back and lazy, then bingo might be the game for you! It also has the added advantage that most online bingo halls offer various casino games like slots and video poker. And the best part, most online poker rooms and new online casinos south africa now also offer some bingo games as additional entertainment.

If however, you are more into the instant millionaires that can be made with playing lottos, then something like the Italy 10e draw results is just what you might be looking for.

At Big Ace Poker we try to bring a guide to how to play poker and where to play Online Poker. You may be the next poker champion on the World Series of Poker™ and take home a cool $8.25 million or even $12 million! You never know! The next poker room you join, could be the big payday you have been waiting for!
Or maybe you just want play poker for the relaxation aspect!
But be warned, it can be very addictive!

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