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Webcam Online PokerIn the world of online gaming there are usually two types of people: those who find a game or a website which they love and stick to it, and those who are constantly looking for the next big thing. Even more excitement, even more chances to win and new bingo games or poker tournaments to try – they just can't get enough!

Well now here's a great idea: players looking for the ultimate live online game why not get a look at who you are up against with webcam poker? Many sites are now offering this facility, and quite often you simply just need to download some free software to get involved. This innovation in the online gaming community has opened up a whole new level of interaction and has reinstated the need for – and value of – a good 'poker face'.

As we all know, your poker face is your shield from the players around you and will allow you to out smart your opponents by giving nothing away – or misleading them with false signals. The best face to face players are masters of disguise around the poker table – a skill you rarely need for other popular pastimes such as bingo games. Get practising in the mirror before you sign in to play live, and make sure you eliminate any 'tells' which you might have got into the bad habit of doing.

The other option for webcam online poker fans is to set up a private game via one of the providers and welcome your card-obsessed friends to join you. This is a great way to host an informal get together for a group of people who perhaps struggle to meet very often in person due to work and family commitments. Start that Friday night game up again from the comfort of your very own living room and chill out in good company.