5 Things You Don’t Know About Poker Bonuses

Poker Hands

Poker Bonus TipsIf you're casting around the web for the best poker bonuses, here are five things you may not have thought of...

  1. They're Bigger Than You Thought.
    Poker bonuses are bigger than most other online gaming bonuses as it's such a competitive business – so the operators realise they have to make the bonuses big to see off the competition.
  2. The Best Ones Come With Extra Bonuses.
    The best welcome bonuses out there also come with extra and sometimes on-going bonuses. Things like new depositors' free plays and on-going or daily bonus pots as well as "recommend a friend" bonuses can add a lot of real value to the introductory welcome bonus, so always check out additional features.
  3. You Should Always Use The Code.
    Make sure you use the best bonus code whenever one is required. Otherwise, your bonus will probably not be as generous as it should be, so you"re throwing money away.
  4. Bonuses Aren't Just For New Players.
    Similar to number 2 on this list; remember that poker bonuses usually come as either introductory bonuses or re-load bonuses. The same is true of other gaming sites like slots and bingo sites. For example, the best sites like www.chitchatbingo.co.uk have numerous on-going or daily bonus pots and additional plays for free etc.
  5. The Biggest May Not Be The Best.
    Don"t be swayed by the simple amounts of cash on offer. Take into account other factors including the bonuses, but also the potential winnings, the sites' popularity – and always have a good look at the terms and conditions.

Overall, it's important to remember that a good poker strategy goes a lot further than simple trawling of bonuses across the web. This is probably a one-way route downhill. Poker is a combination of luck and judgement best-suited to players who follow a coherent strategy over time. Minimising your risks, using bonuses to experiment with a solid strategy, and learning not to lose before you think about winning is probably going to help make you a better player over time.